Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do They Still Make Better Cheddar Crackers Can I Feed My Budgie Different Flavored Crackers Or Chips?

Can i feed my budgie different flavored crackers or chips? - do they still make better cheddar crackers

I know this is not good for them, but he suffered from small pieces of potato chips or cheddar Goldfish crackers feed?


internet... said...

You can, but remember that junk food junk food for us, for it is, and crackers are usually high in fat! It is better to give than food treats such as fruits and vegetables and other healthier options.

Ailuj EEL said...

Not if you love your parrot, what's good for them. Salt is not good for the body of a bird, then recommend it. You get sick if you feed birds, garbage too frequently.

dorje gonpo said...

No chocolate. And junk food, salty things are not really good for them either.

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